Non-Profit Boxing Training for People with Parkinson’s Disease

Fight Back
Against Parkinson’s
and cancer

Fight Parkinson’s

Re-Discover Hope

Just because there isn’t a cure, doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.

When your body freezes you in place, and your muscles fight your every effort to move them, it’s easy to feel depressed. Feeling trapped in your own skin is an unimaginable nightmare that most people can’t even begin to wrap their minds around. You’re isolated in a body that seems to hate you. But you don’t have to be alone.

While you can’t get rid of the cause, you can manage the symptoms with a little help and encouragement from people who have experience empowering people who struggle with Parkinson’s to overcome the challenges of daily life.

Training the Right Way

Boxing for Parkinson’s Disease and cancer

Movement does wonders for Parkinson’s and cancer. Studies show that exercise and, specifically, boxing help reduce symptoms of PD. Prize fighters step into a ring to fight each other for a belt. Our clients step into the ring and fight their disease symptoms. And with a little training and encouragement, we help them come out on top.

And with support from people like you who donate to Movement by TOB, we can continue to offer these life transforming classes at cost to those who need it.


We provide an encouraging and hope filled environment that keeps our clients aiming in a positive direction.


We teach our clients the techniques and skills that will aid them in their mobility and balance struggles and equip them with the knowledge of how to handle their other symptoms.


We aren’t just a gym. We are your support team. We are here to encourage you on your journey to overcome the daily obstacles your disease puts in your path.

Boxing for PD
and cancer

We offer boxing classes designed specifically for those suffering from PD and Cancer. These non-combat classes will teach you to fight your symptoms and win.

Yoga for PD and cancer

Yoga has been essential for helping move stubborn muscles and keep them more flexible. And we know the kinds of yoga that will help you maintain as much flexibility as you can, even with your disease.

Physical therapy for PD and cancer

Sometimes, you might need to get back to the basics to get started. That’s why we offer Physical Therapy for PD and Cancer patients. We’re here to help you get back in the fight, no matter where you have to start from.




Increased strength


Improved hand-eye coordination.


Improved posture.


Better cognitive processing.


Relieve symptoms for soft-voice disorders.


Stronger core which can lead to a better gait.


Improved balance and agility.


Improved reaction time.